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Double faulting too much?

Never quite able to hit that clutch serve under pressure?

Blame it on your ball toss!

Too many players suffer from inconsistent and inefficient ball tosses.

There’s a simple secret when it comes to consistent serving.

And since the serve is by far the most important shot in tennis, it’s important to have a consistent weapon that you can rely on.

Consistent serves and powerful serves in tennis rely upon the preparation necessary to make perfect impact in the contact zone.

That preparation takes the form of your service toss, you have to be able to place the tennis ball in the perfect position in relationship to your swing path.

The Golden Rule Of Tennis Serve Training

The golden rule is to find your perfect swing and toss the ball into that perfect swing path.

But far too often players swing at their toss, this is to say that they chase poor ball tosses and abandon their perfect swing path.

That is a recipe for inconsistent and inaccurate tennis serves.

Don’t let a bad ball toss destroy an otherwise great service motion.

Catch the ball and toss it into your swing the next time.

Don’t stop until you’ve executed a great toss into your perfect swing path.

Your opponent can wait, but hopefully it doesn’t take you all day(that’s what practice is for!)

Then and only then will you be able to start relying on your serve as a weapon.

The Tennis Serve Toss Drill:

Here’s a simple way for you to get used to adding your toss to your swing path.

This drill is called the shadow swing drill. Simply step up to the service line and with a loose arm go through your service motion.

Visualize yourself hitting a perfect serve, continue to go through your service motion finding your perfect tennis serve motion and swing path.

Once you have established a smooth fluid service motion, THEN practice tossing a tennis ball into that perfect swing motion.

If you find yourself altering the perfect tennis service motion that you established, then you know you’re chasing your toss.

Again, we want the toss to work with our swing NOT our swing to work with our toss.

This service motion drill will help you develop a more consistent more accurate and more powerful serve the more you practice it.

The service toss is possibly the most important part of a successful serve.

It is totally in your control-practice your toss-practice your perfect swing path, and if you put them together and you’re going to see a lot of success.

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