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Getting quality information and advice from a ball player’s baseball swing trainers is the key to any baseball player’s success in hitting.

In this article I’m going to go over proper bat choice that baseball swing trainers really should be teaching you. Knowing the pitcher before you step up to the plate will allow you to choose the right bat for the exact type of pitcher you’re facing. Selecting the wrong bat can mean the difference between hitting a HOME RUN and FOUL TIP! Let’s learn how to match up the bat you use to the pitcher you’re facing!

We will need to go over the following scenarios:

• Batting with a heavier vs. lighter bat weight

• Batting with a longer vs. shorter bat length

You might want to use a shorter bat by maybe an inch shorter if you’re facing a faster pitcher, so you can get around quicker with the barrel of the bat. Or you can use a lighter weight bat also as an option.

If you’re facing a slower pitcher you might want to use a heavier bat or longer bat by one inch or so to help stay back a little longer and not be too early and be out in front of the pitch.

Everyone has different preferences on the proper weight and length of a bat you need to test out what works for you. The best thing to do is just test out all your options during batting practice and baseball practice.

And some people don’t like to change or use different size bats for different pitchers that throw harder or slower. You need to find out what works best for you, but know that you do have options which baseball swing trainers should be making you aware of these baseball tips.

As a side note I just want to add that many baseball swing trainers don’t realize that a lot of the major leaguers actually use light bats. A lot of baseball swing trainers think that the heavier the bat is the farther the ball will go, which is not the case. So there is nothing wrong with using a lighter or shorter bat then some of your teammates. It all comes down to what is going to allow you to hit the best.

What this will do for you is it will allow you to select the proper equipment for your body size and strength to maximize the power you have in your baseball swing as well as the amount of bat control you have to allow you to hit for a high average. Don’t be surprised if using a shorter and/or lighter weight bat allows you to hit further then you ever did.

Note there are some good baseball swing trainers and some not so good baseball swing trainers, make sure you do your homework before picking out a baseball swing trainer for you. Don’t let baseball swing trainers or other players on your team discourage you from picking and using the proper bat for you even if it’s a lighter and shorter bat than everyone else. The longer and heavier bat has its place also on when it should be used as we had discussed above. Make sure to save the heavier or longer bat for the above mentioned situations such as when facing a really slow pitcher.

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